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Woodlands – Nature

Learn how to identify trees, plants and animals and watch wildlife with these free nature spotting activities.

Woodlands – Health & Fitness

If you've never really enjoyed exercise then the BCA plan is for you.

Escape expensive gyms and get out in to nature’s free gym. These free activities will help you improve your health.

Repeat our 30 minute plan every day (twice a day if you can) and feel the benefits! Don't forget to enjoy the views and let us know how you feel from week 1 to week 52!

  • 10 Minutes striding along at your fastest pace of walking
  • 2.5 Minutes catch your breath and recover
  • 5 Minutes Stretch up high, then gently look up, look down, then look left and right
  • 2.5 Minutes deep breaths in and out
  • 10 Minutes striding along at your fastest pace swing your arms if you can

Woodlands – Peace

Get away from the hustle and bustle of modern lives. Getting back to nature with these stress-busting ideas will help you unwind.

Unwind & Relax

Follow this simple guide to find relaxation and peace of mind

Text here on your step by step guide to letting go of your worries, appreciating your natural surroundings and relaxing.

Woodlands – Ring Of Trees Walk

The Ring of Trees Walk was developed to help visitors navigate the BCA woodlands, enjoy these hidden tranquil spots and investigate the natural habitat within them. The circular walk around Buxton through its woodlands consists of a 10 mile (16km) walk passing through most of the woods that surround Buxton. Because its so convenient to the town you can escape and whenever you like.

We have created a walk “The Ring of Trees” which takes you on a circular route through our woods. The walk is 19.3 kilometres in length and can be broken down into small sections. The Walk is available as a Guide from Poole’s Cavern Visitor Centre.

You can spend a day completing the entire walk and gain an ever changing perspective of the town from its woods. Or pick a bite sized chunk of the circle, covering one or more woods, choosing a direction and a starting point that suits the time you have available and your particular interests.
To complete the ‘core’ walk comfortably, allow 4.5 to 5 hours. It divides into three sections:
You can purchase the Ring of Trees guide book from the visitor centre at Poole’s Cavern.
 Grin Wood (Poole’s Cavern) to Ashwood Dale (3.1 miles/5km)
 Ashwood Dale to Gadley Wood (2.8 miles/4.5km)
 Gadley Wood back to Grin Low Wood (4.1 miles/6km)

Why we joined BCA

We joined BCA because we loved to be involved in our local community. We like walking and discovering what's new in our town and woodlands. We love the dramatic change of season and use the surrounding area as our inspiration for creative projects.

We would like to see live events and workshops in the woodlands over the next few years, with music, food and celebration being the theme. Interested to know how you would use the woodlands and Cafe @ The cavern for your next event?