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We are looking at running some online events and will post details on our website.

Interview with Alan Walker

Simon Fussell talks to Alan Walker about his remarkable 35 years at BCA.

After working for BCA for a remarkable 35 years, Alan Walker has retired from his post as Manager of Poole’s Cavern. Interestingly, Alan was just the fifth manager of the Cavern since 1853. He first worked at Poole’s Cavern in 1976 as a schoolboy when he became one of the first cavern tour guides.

In this interview with Simon Fussell, our Communications Manager, Alan reflects upon his time at Poole's Cavern and amongst the BCA woodlands across the past three and a half decades.

The BCA would like to extend their best wishes to Alan for his retirement and future adventures.

Biodiversity Action Padlet

An interest in biodiversity is shared by a number of BCA Groups and wider Buxton groups, and there is significant crossover between groups for those who undertake active conservation work and nature-based educational activities.

Padlet is a shareable interactive wall of categorised posts with images, videos, and links to resources.

A Biodiversity Padlet for Buxton will allow us to promote various activities with calendar and contact details, easily accessed by anyone who has the link, and easy to share through newsletters and website as an ongoing reminder of volunteering opportunities.

The focus will be practical activities such as BCA Woodland Volunteers or Butterfly Surveys and will include activities with young people through Wild Weeks and other projects.

Helping Britains’ Curlews

The Eurasian Curlew is hurtling towards extinction and, with it,possibly the most beautiful bird song on earth. Help Roger Morgan-Grenville; Chair of Trustees. Curlew Action raise £75,000 to help this beautiful bird. See link to article and how to donate below.

Curlew Action