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Planning for the Future – Members Meeting 14th May 2015

All members of BCA are invited to a meeting at Poole's Cavern Visitor Centre on 14th May 2015 at 6.30 pm. For details see text from the letter that has been sent out below;

22nd April 2015

Dear Member of Buxton Civic Association,

BCA – Preparing for the Future
We would like to invite members of Buxton Civic Association to attend a meeting to discuss and identify those places and spaces that we believe are special to Buxton’s heritage and its past, present and future identity.

From this discussion we will produce a list of places and spaces that we believe are important to the town and its surroundings and prepare a map. (These need not be just traditional sites but maybe some of the old quarries or other workings, as these form part of the town and have influenced its development) We believe that we should include street trees which are an integral part of the landscape and townscape of Buxton.

Once we have identified and mapped the places and spaces that are important us, the plan is then to widen this out, to get the views and input from other interested groups in the town. The starting point for this would be to hold an exhibition in the town on Civic Day (20th June 2015 to display our map and invite comments)

At a later stage we would then look at identifying which of the sites are at risk or potentially at risk from planning, development, falling into disrepair etc. and develop a series of policies to enable us to intervene and save them should the need arise.

The first stage is for us to identify the places and spaces that we feel are important and to this end we propose to hold a meeting at the Visitor Centre on 14th May from 6.30 to 8.30 pm.

If you would like to attend the meeting can you let Simon Fussell know on 01298 26978 or email him at

Yours sincerely

Mike Wilde

Mike Wilde
Chair of the Membership and Communities Committee.

Events for Dog Walkers

Buxton Civic Association prides itself on being a dog friendly business and place to visit. Not only is man's best friend allowed into the Cafe at the Cavern, our extensive woodland estate provides some fantastic walking for dogs of all sizes and fitness.

We have decided that it would be a good idea to hold a couple of events especially for dog walkers. Click on the link below for more details.

Dog Walking Events April - May 2015

New Support Programmes for Community Rights

First Steps Programme

Are you interested in developing practical action plans to improve your neighbourhood or housing estate? The Community Development
Foundation in partnership with Locality will be supporting 115 communities to decide what they do and don't like in their area, what
steps are needed to make positive changes, and which local partners they need to bring on board to make it happen.

The programme is aimed at small community groups. It offers practical support and grants to help develop community action plans: groups can get £2500 to work with others to help write their plan, as well as access to skills training, and a mentor to see them through the process. Participants will also be plugged into networks of other people who are doing similar things.

Groups can apply from 1 April 2015 and the closing date is 8 May 2015 so if you're interested head over to to find out more

Community Economic Development Programme

The Community Economic Development (CED) programme is a new initiative designed for local community groups and organisations who want to take a lead in shaping their economies for the benefit of local communities. If you belong to a community that wants to work towards seeing real economic change in your area - whether this is in food, housing, finance, energy or any other local economic opportunities - then the CED programme will set you on the right path.

The programme provides specialist support, advice and grant funding to help residents, local business and public sector organisations to work together to develop the best ideas to strengthen the local economy.
Whether that's working on a strategy to promote local spending, exploring the possibility of developing a rural broadband co-operative, or working with key organisations to promote community-led housing, this programme wants passionate people who are committed to working together on a local economic plan that can deliver real local benefits.

For more information visit

Neighbourhood Planning Programme

Do you belong to a community that would like to shape its future growth and development? For example, have a say over where new homes, shops and offices are built, where green spaces are protected, and what new buildings look like. If so, you can do this by developing a Neighbourhood Plan, which is used in judging planning applications and has the same weight in law as a Local Planning Authority's Local Plan.

The 2015-18 Neighbourhood Planning Support Programme is now open to help you to do this. The Programme provides grants of up to £8,000 for all neighbourhood planning groups, and those groups facing more difficult issues can
access expert help from planning specialists, and may also be eligible for a further £6,000 in grant. A phone and web advice service is also available alongside a range of resources to help groups progress their plans.

For more information please visit

Community Buildings and Housing Programme

Do you belong to a Community that would like to bring forward new community buildings or housing, and obtain planning permission for it, without having to apply to the Local Planning Authority through the normal planning application process? For example , this could include getting permission for community-led developments such as affordable housing for rent, community facilities such as a children's playground, or the conversion of disused buildings into community facilities. If so, you can do this by preparing a 'Community Right to Build Order' and the 2015-18 Community Buildings & Housing Support Programme is available to help you to do this.

The Programme provides two types of support - the Community Buildings Pre-Feasibility Grant of up to £10,000 and the Community Buildings Project Support Grant of up to £40,000. These will help you to refine and assess the viability of your proposal, and will help you with collecting evidence and information needed to take the project forward through to getting permission.

The Programme is now open so if you are interested please visit