Buxton Civic Association – Group Structure

A Group of volunteer Directors administers the association and takes all major policy decisions.

The day-to-day workload is delegated to five groups, each made up of association members and at least one person, who will represent that Group. Within agreed remits and budgets, considerable autonomy is available to each group.

The General Manager, who also attends Board Meetings, implements policies and decisions approved by the Directors and groups as appropriate.

The Groups are separated as follows:

  • Corporate Affairs Team
  • Community & Membership Team
  • Planning Team
  • Woodlands Team

Directors and managers of the Association

Most Directors have a number of responsibilities their main interests are listed below

  • Directors
  • Dr Mike Monaghan (Chair)
  • Martin Wragg (Company Secretary)
  • Jonathan Davey (Planning)
  • Brian Lawrence (Archive)
  • Nigel Manning (Planning)
  • Alyson Phillips (Newsletter)
  • Brian Shawcross (Treasurer)
  • Peter Philipson (Woodlands)
  • Mike Wilde (non-exec Team Chair)
  • Alan Roberts
  • Andrew Banks
  • Managers
  • Alan Walker (General Manager)
  • Simon Fussell (Business Manager)