Environmental Policy

Buxton Civic Association is Committed To:

  • Enhancing the environmental & social benefits arising from its ownership of Poole’s Cavern, the Visitor Centre, the Grin Low Country Park and the other Woodlands.
  • Minimise the adverse environmental impacts of its activities bio- diversity of its woodlands

These are matters ranking equal in importance with the personnel, financial and health & safety matters.

The Poole’s Cavern Manager is responsible for the implementation of this Policy.

BCA will:

  • Seek to minimise its use of energy, water and other resources and reduce waste
  • Avoid as far as possible the use of toxic or harmful chemicals
  • Ensure the preservation of fragile, unique character of the cavern and the bio-
  • Enhance the visitor experience to the woodlands by provision of good information, safe access etc
  • Establish a regular programme of internal audits with written reports setting out improvement targets which will be submitted to the Board
  • Cooperate with local organisations in the furtherance of its objectives
  • Provide training to staff as required on environmental matters
  • Ensure as far as practicable that suppliers and sub-contractors achieve comparable environmental standard
  • Consider the environmental implications of all purchasing and capital investment decisions
  • As far as is practicable and appropriate purchase goods that are of local origin, Fairtrade and organic

Adopted by the Board of BCA April 2009