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Places and Spaces Project

Litter at Lovers Leap

One of the issues that the Places and Spaces project has identified as of particular concern is the volume of rubbish that accumulates in and around some of our most famous beauty spots. Lovers Leap was mentioned at the last committee meeting, and so on a mild and sunny Monday morning, Roger Floyd and Simon Fussell set off to investigate and to see if it was practical and safe to organise some future litter picking activities at this famous landmark.

As can be seen from the photographs there is plenty of litter. In the space of an hour Roger and Simon picked up four sacks from the top of the gorge and from the lay by and path by the river.

There is still lots of rubbish left at the sites. To tackle the problem properly will require a risk assessment and to ensure that anyone helping out is properly equipped. The A6 is busy and very dangerous and there are significant drops from the top of the gorge down to the stream.

We will also be contacting HPBC to request that they remove some of the larger objects.

We plan to hold a litter picking day at Lovers Leap at some point in the New Year, so if you are interested in helping out contact us at;

News from the Conservation Volunteers

Ovo Energy 2015 tree planting programme

The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) are offering FREE trees through their Ovo Energy 2015 tree planting programme. In total 95,000 trees across the UK will be planted.

TCV are delighted to be supported by this fantastic initiative on behalf of Ovo Energy and we know that 2015 will be a fantastic success planting over 95,000 trees across the UK.

Community Tree Planting Packs, involves communities being provided with saplings and tree guards to maintain the trees throughout their growth process. The sapling packs and guidance information are being made available to community groups, schools, clubs, parish councils, parks for planting in publicly accessible spaces across the UK.

There is a link below with the details of the packs of trees that are available, you are able to order up to 950 trees, if you require more than this then we can review.

We are currently looking at available delivery dates for the trees from 3rd December onwards.

If you would like to go ahead and order the trees, please click on the link below and complete the booking form to place your order.

Packs of trees available