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BCA Covid-19 Policy Statement

BCA Covid-19 Policy Statement

BCA’s guiding principle is to protect the health and well-being of our members, staff, visitors and the community by following Government Covid-19 advice as a minimum. We will take a considered and conservative approach in the measures we adopt to minimise the risk to others.

We will ensure we have the appropriate risk assessment and procedures in place and that these are clearly communicated. Our risk management procedures will be kept under review and modified where appropriate in relation to any changes to government guidance, lessons learned and developments in best advice and practice.

To reduce the risk of virus transmission we:

• Require social distancing on our properties and during any BCA event,
• Encourage everyone to be considerate around the visitor centre and cave,
• Provide training and information to staff and volunteers,
• Require anyone who is unwell with likely Covid-19 symptoms to stay away from the visitor centre and cave or BCA event.
• Require anyone who has been in contact with someone who has Covid-19 symptoms to stay away from BCA property or events for a minimum of 14 days,
• Require everyone to follow hygiene procedures e.g. washing hands after touching surfaces and coughing sneezing etc.,
• Provide adequate facilities/products for hand washing, sanitising and cleaning and guidance on how to use them,
• Require that if any equipment has been contaminated, it be reported to site management,
• Require anyone entering the visitor centre to wash their hands/use sanitizer on arrival.
• Require the use of appropriate PPE in accordance with Government/PHE requirements
• Ensure that simple instructional guidance on the application of this policy is clearly displayed at every entrance to our buildings and all BCA organised events.

We will develop measures around our visitor centre/cave, including use of equipment and activities, as part of our risk assessment/management procedures, to ensure social distancing and minimise virus transmission. Anyone who displays or develops Covid-19 symptoms while at the visitor centre will be required to go home and follow PHE guidance (e.g. self-isolation).

We look forward to your support on our measures to minimise the risk of transmission and infection.

Peter Phillipson

Chair BCA

23rd June 2020

Woodland Insights

A series of short videos about BCA's Woods

Bluebells, telling the story of Corbar Woods

Woodland Play, Dens and Lockdown

A Sea of Wild Garlic

Why we leave dead wood in our woods

How our woods heal themselves

Everything in a Woodland is interconnected

Elms - The great survivor and the tiny butterfly

Woodland Paths Making our Woodlands easier to walk in

The Paxtons and the Duke

BCA Members Event 7 pm Wednesday 27th May 2020 via Zoom

Alyson and Steve Phillips are delighted to present their short audio play

“The Paxtons and The Duke. A ménage a trois?”

Steve Phillips writes “We explore the motivation of these characters in this triangular relationship. We reveal its development, as Paxton's genius grows from gardener to millionaire, supported by the everlasting dedication of Sarah and His Grace.”

A short audio play followed by an interactive discussion about Paxton's contribution to the Buxton we see today.

Anyone can join just email to receive joining instructions.

Dragons and Damsels

This talk was delivered on Wednesday 20th May 2020 to BCA members via Zoom.

Richard Knisely-Marpole talks about his fascination for Dragonflies and shares his photographs of these remarkable ancient creatures.

Dawn Chorus in the Goyt

High Quality recording by Paul Smith of the Dawn Chorus in the Goyt Valley on the morning of 16th May 2020

Paul writes "This is a 24 bit audio recording of the dawn chorus recorded at around 05:30 on 16/05/2020.

Recorded from the woods at the far end, away from the boathouse using the Rode NTG4+ shotgun mic and a Zoom F4 audio recorder."

Corbar an artists view

Lyn Noble has painted these views of BCA's Corbar Woods and written about the inspiration that he finds in the woods and painting them

Corbar Wood

Our woodlands are always beautiful, but in Spring they’re even more so. Low morning or evening light can still find its way through young leaves. Gaps in the canopy allow the floodlighting of sandy mounds and glades, enhanced by surrounding areas of deep shadow. Light against dark; dark against light, each tone brightened or darkened by the contrast with its surroundings.

A sort of metaphor for the times we live in?

I’m often accused of walking too fast but Corbar Wood always slows me down. Changes in foliage and light throughout the year keep revealing new vignettes, different angles. Back home I find that I find that I’ve already taken that latest photo, but it’s different. Back into the woods, again and again, a gestation period until the paintbox is fished out (again!).