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A quarter of a million reasons to be grateful at the start of 2024

Buxton Civic Association is delighted to announce that they will receive support totalling £249, 990 from The National Lottery Heritage Fund’s ‘Resilience and Recovery’ funding stream over the next two years. This investment will enable Buxton’s leading environmental heritage charity to begin preparations for its diamond anniversary in 2027, by enhancing their volunteering, visitor, and membership programmes, giving further emphasis to developing widespread community involvement and public engagement. The money will also enable reviews of digital provision, marketing, retail, and governance, allowing the BCA team to bring in two full-time project staff to support tasks, alongside a variety of expert consultants. Much needed conservation equipment and materials will also be purchased.

David Green, who wrote the funding application shortly after joining the charity as its first Chief Executive in 2023 said, “We are very grateful to everyone at The National Lottery Heritage Fund, and all National Lottery players for their support. This money should be seen as a much-welcomed strategic investment in heritage conservation and engagement within our community.” He added, “The investment is a hugely exciting opportunity for Buxton Civic Association, and the residents of Buxton, who we are encouraging to get involved. Over the next two years we will be developing a number of new ways individuals and partner organisations will be able to help conserve our town’s heritage, maintaining Buxton as a special and popular place. We are really keen that we use this opportunity to grow our relevance to local residents, and celebrate our fantastic natural and built heritage”.

Robyn Llewellyn, Director, England, Midlands & East at The National Lottery Heritage Fund said: “Heritage has an essential role to play in making communities better places to live and supporting environmental regeneration. At The National Lottery Heritage Fund, we want to ensure that heritage is valued, cared for and sustained by everyone now and in the future. We are pleased to be able to lend our support to Buxton Civic Association with the development of their programming and conservation of their local heritage, which will be crucial for Buxton and its community."

Buxton Civic Association is unique among Civic Associations, due to the number of assets it takes direct responsibility for. These not only include SSSI listed Poole’s Cavern, but also Grinlow Wood and Corbar Wood amongst others. BCA also campaigns actively within the town for high quality environmentally sensitive developments which encourage bio-diversity, whilst publishing a number of books and journals that celebrate the heritage of the town.

In 2020, as Buxton emerged from the pandemic, BCA embraced the chance to enhance its community engagement through the "Stronger Roots" initiative, a programme aimed at inspiring individuals to harness the positive impacts on wellbeing and mental health through closer interaction with nature. The programme facilitated a diverse range of woodland activities and volunteering opportunities. The resounding success of "Stronger Roots" inspired the trustees to continue its community-focused endeavours, and this Heritage Fund investment will allow the exploration of more diverse volunteering roles and visitor programming.

Anyone interested in applying for one of the project roles this grant will support, (Volunteering Development Manager, or, Membership and Marketing Officer), or volunteering with BCA should keep an eye on Buxton Civic Association’s website and social media, which will be used to promote opportunities and disseminate updates on the project to the community. (Contact - BCA ( ) BCA also welcome potential partnership working opportunities from interested individuals and organisations.

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