Butterfly Transect update

Hello Everyone,
Just a quick Update to advise that the recent plume of hot air from the Iberian Peninsular has resulted in a reasonable number of both Painted Lady and Clouded Yellow butterflies reaching the UK and here in Derbyshire we have had 7 sightings of the Painted Lady during the last couple of days! First of all 4 Painted Lady butterflies were seen yesterday (4th June 2015) at Northwood, Darley Dale (Christine Gregory – photo attached) and today Pat and I saw 3 Painted Lady butterflies on the Blackwell Trail near South Normanton, all of which looked fairly worn having been caught up in the strong southerly air flow which spread across the country during the last couple of days.
Hopefully this species will still be around this weekend and I will be pleased to receive details of further sightings within the County.
A couple of additional day flying moths have been recorded during the last week with the Chimney Sweeper moth appearing at some Lowland sites and the Wood Tiger being noted at a few sites in the Peak District (photos attached).
Ken Orpe