Walking with your four legged friend

Why Not Take Your Favourite Four Legged Friend Too?

By Mel Stevens

The woodlands of Buxton offer infinite opportunities for dog-walks to suit everyone.
There are nine woods to choose from with a variety of terrain, paths and environments to explore and enjoy. As the seasons and foliage (and, yes, also the weather) changes the views and experience is forever new so each day’s dog-walk is different. The Ring of Trees is a circular walk through many of the woodlands which surround Buxton. It can be completed as a 10mile (16km) walk, or taken in three shorter sections so you (and your dog, of course) can take your time and explore each of the woods. The route is waymarked with signs.
A booklet with full route directions, suggested inter-links and local information is available at Poole’s Cavern Visitor Centre. If you prefer a more relaxed approach, just choose a wood and take your (or a friend’s) dog to visit it; they are all within easy reach of town and each have their own character for you to discover and enjoy.