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Poole’s Cavern to reopen

Poole's Cavern and Visitor Centre will reopen on 17th May 2021

Alan Walker Manager of Poole's Cavern and Country Park writes, "We look forward to welcoming visitors back to Poole’s Cavern and Country Park. We hope to reopen on Monday the 17th of May. We have everything in place and are good to go to comply with the latest government and tourism industry guidance to make a safe and comfortable experience for everyone."

Always Be Confident

BCA have produced a video explaining how you can always be confident about your safety when visiting Poole's Cavern

With thanks to Charles Huff

The British Cave Science Project

Making Cave Science Accessible to all at Poole's Cavern

This unique project based at Poole's Cavern (Peak District) aims to promote UK cave science by offering an open access cave research facility for the science community. Alongside providing a safe working environment, the cave science centre already has a wide variety of “baseline” climate monitoring, from which high-resolution data is being produced. This data is available to anyone who wishes to use it, promoting the development of high quality science projects backed by years of monitoring data.

​Keep up with the science we are doing by following the Blog page for the latest updates.


A young blackbird struggles with her breakfast

I happen to glance up from my desk in the "Monkey House" just as the rain stopped. A young female blackbird tumbled out of the hedge and paused briefly before renewing her attack on a slug that she had dragged down with her.

She pecked at it fitfully for a few seconds and then vigorously wiped her beak on the ground before renewing the assault. Every so often she would pause and then with an almost audible sigh drag the slug a little further along the path.

This went on for half an hour or so. Until eventually she dragged the slug back into the hedge. It began to rain again.

I was very glad that I was not a blackbird.