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How the Wye was re-wilded

Richard Lower from the Buxton Town Team will tell us how the Wye has been rewilded as it flows through Ashwood Park in Buxton.

21st March 2024 at 6.30 pm in the Café at Poole’s Cavern Visitor Centre.

Richard Lower will talk about the exciting work that has been done to re-wild the Wye as it flows through Ashwood Park in partnership with Clare Millard, Buxton Town Team and Waterside Care, part of Keep Britain Tidy in the Midlands and a host of volunteers.

The event is free. To book tickets go to Eventbrite See link below

The talk will last around an hour.

Keeping our Little Corner Cleaner

A mornings litter picking with Karen Beresford of Buxton Town Team litter picking group

Plastic bottles, crisp packets, bits of carpet, bathing towels, the plastic wrapping from a pair of swimming trunks, paper and of course drink cans, these were just some of the items of rubbish that we found on a recent litter pick at a local beauty spot.

I had joined Karen Beresford who runs the Buxton Town Team litter picking group, to spend a couple of hours tackling the never ending problem of litter that blights our towns and our countryside.

Though there is something satisfying in picking up litter, it is frustrating to think that people drop their trash and rubbish there in the first place. It is after all a beautiful, peaceful spot. In summer full of wildflowers and bird song.

But it does not seem to matter where you go, you will find discarded rubbish. Even providing bins does not always solve the problem. Whether it’s leaving the waste from a picnic or BBQ, or throwing bottles and plastic from a vehicle, it seems as if some people just don’t care.

Out of sight out of mind, and anyway someone else will pick it up.

We cleared two big sacks of rubbish from the site. So now at least for a little while it is free of discarded plastic and wrappers. And walking there will be a pleasanter experience.

We decide that as there was still time we would tackle a small section of the Tongue lane industrial estate. This was littering on a different scale.

As well as the usual items, there were bits of engine, oil containers, nappies wrapped in plastic bags and half full bottles of liquid. Plastic sheeting lay discarded on a patch of ‘waste ground’, and shreds of plastic bag caught by the wind lay twisted round the stunted bushes.

We could only scratch the surface. There is still much more to be done as you can see from the photos above.

I could not help wondering if this little patch of waste ground could be put to much better use. Planted with fruit trees, perhaps part of Transition Buxton’s urban orchard scheme, and wildflowers to attract bees, butterflies and other insects, and a bench, it could become a little haven of tranquillity,somewhere to sit and have a sandwich, or just to relax from all the hurly burly around you.

One for the Urbitat project perhaps?

Karen is always glad to hear from new
enthusiastic litter pickers and you can contact
her by email stoop.farm@icloud.com


An update from the Town Team on their plans for Christmas

We wrote recently to ask you to ‘Save the date’ for Christmas decorations and celebrations this year and, although you will probably have picked up information from the press and our website, we promised to let you have more detailed information, so here we are.

Buxton Town Team are inviting businesses, organisations, schools or families to adopt a spot to decorate in town. Please go to http://buxtontownteam.org/working-on/buxton-in-bloom-2016/buxton-bloomin-winter/ to ‘Adopt a Spot’, and register it for the list by sending us an email or phoning us. Feel free to put up a weather proof sign (no more than A4 size) saying who has decorated the Spot.

We are suggesting low, or no, cost decorations and give lots of ideas of stunning things to make so, on the same page just click on ‘some ideas’ for instruction sheets. The town colour scheme this year is red, green and gold. Flowerpot People can come out again dressed warmly for winter, if you still have them. We would like the decorations to be up by the morning of Saturday 3rd December please.

Saturday 3rd December 4.15 for 4.30 pm. We will all gather in Spring Gardens dressed up if you like but not compulsory! The theme is Peter Pan and Pirates. Our Christmas Carnival Parade, lit with lanterns and led by the Town Crier, will then make its way across Terrace Road, up The Slopes, over the Market Place finishing at the Pavilion Gardens for hot drinks and food. We will stop at various points along the way to regroup and sing seasonal songs; songsheets will be on the website nearer the time. Please remember to bring torches and wrap up warm.

Very importantly, by Saturday January 7th, each group will take down their decorations and either store them for next year or dispose of them.

Hope this helps, please get back to us if you need more information.

Buxton will have a Bloomin’ Brilliant Christmas this year – with your enthusiasm!



Buxton Town Team - Help us Count Coaches

Part of the Work of the Transport Forum is to investigate how many coaches come to Buxton. There are currently only 11 parking places for coaches and before anymore are demanded it would be helpful to know the volume of coach traffic in the town.

High Peak Borough Council have asked Buxton Town Team if they can help them to get more information.

Which is where BCA members come in.

There is a simple survey, which you can access through the link below;

All we need to do is when we are in town, if we spot a parked coach, take the details (location, date, time, company etc) and then fill in the survey on line. If you have a smartphone you will be able to do it there and then - we suggest you bookmark the direct link. If you prefer you can just take a photo showing the coach company details and email it to coachsurvey@buxtontownteam.org along with the date, time and location.

The survey will be running through the summer and to the end of October. Students from the University of Derby will then analyse the data for BTT, and it will be taken back to HPBC at the end of the year. The more people take part, the better the quality of the data and the decisions that will result.

Please help keep Buxton on the Move!