Serpentine Farm Update

Madeline Hall from the Serpentine Community Farm has sent us this update

Dear Members, Volunteers and Supporters

We have two updates - both of work in progress rather than hard news.

Our nomination for registration as an Asset of Community Value went in to High Peak Borough Council in early December 2017. A decision would normally be made within eight weeks, giving time for a Council Officer to review the documents and make a recommendation, but we've been advised of a little delay to allow the Council's Corporate Select Committee the opportunity to consider the nomination before it is taken for decision to the Executive Team at their meeting on 15 February 2018.

Our on-line petition, with its 1021 signatures and wealth of supportive comments, was submitted to HPBC on 5 January 2018. A response may normally be expected within ten working days. Again, we have been advised of delay. The Council's Senior Management Team have considered the petition and referred it to the Executive Team for decision. It seems likely that this will also be an item on the 15 February 2018 agenda.

We hope for good news. We will keep you posted.

Madeline Hall
Serpentine Community Farm