Sculpture Park and Hepworth Gallery

Sophie Ryder - Sitting 2006 YSP Photo by Louise Pisano

It was damp drizzly morning when we all gathered for our trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. We started to worry a bit when 8.30 came and the coach didn't. Fortunately, Simon was able to open the cafe so at least we were not waiting in the rain.

Eventually, the coach arrived and we set off for Wakefield and in an hour and half we arrived at the Park and into sunshine. Our guide John met us in reception and we elected to do the ninety minute tour. It is a wonderful park and as John explained the illusion of rolling country side was maintained by the clever use of hedges and ha-has.

There were many interesting sculptures to be seen around the grounds of the park. They have only a temporary residency of approximately two years before they move on and make way for a new batch.

There was a very interesting set by Barbara Hepworth and one of our party was very excited to see works by Elizabeth Frink.

The time went all too quickly and it wasn't long before we were boarding our coach for the twenty minute trip to the Hepworth Gallery.

Rachel met us in Reception and her five years with the gallery was evident in the breadth of knowledge. She had a wealth of information about the artist and the other exhibits. The gallery is mainly dedicated to Hepworth’s last decade of work but it is a dynamic exhibition and preparations were under way for a new exhibition by Sir Anthony Caro.

All too soon it was, again, time to leave. A fascinating and thought provoking day.

Words by Steve Orridge
Photos by Louise Pisano

Inside the Hepworth Gallery