Members talk Thursday 7 pm September 17th via Zoom

Dr Jennifer Horseman of Creswell Crags will talk about "The Ice Age Artists of Creswell Crags"

Explore the imagination of Ice Age artists with our speaker Jennifer Horseman of Creswell Crags, home to Britain’s foremost collection of Ice Age cave art. Discovered in 2003, the ~13,000 year old engravings of Church Hole, Robin Hood Cave and Mother Grundy’s Parlour are a relative newcomer to rock art studies and the first of their kind to be recognised in Britain. The wider world of Ice Age art is populated by some of the most lauded and hotly debated discoveries in the history of archaeological study. Join us to learn more about the artworks of sites like Lascaux and Altamira, Creswell and Chauvet – and the many attempts to unravel their mysteries.

Dr Jennifer Horseman - Learning and Engagement Officer

I’ve been fascinated with prehistory since my early years, with trips to caves in the Dordogne and seeing stone circles in Brittany. This led to my academic focus, studying for a BSc in Archaeology with Forensic Science (1st Class Hons.) and MSc in Palaeoanthropology (Distinction), with awards for best academic performance and best dissertation.

I am in charge of learning provision and use my special interest in the Palaeolithic period to drive our programming, redesigning our packages for schools and adults in 2017. I’m absolutely thrilled that this education package earned us our first Sandford Award in 2018! My specialization is biological anthropology (the human body and how it evolved), but I’m also versed in prehistoric art, stone tool technology and just a pinch of geology, knowledge I love to bring to my work and our visitors.

I’m passionate about the inclusion of different audiences and a member of the Neurodiverse Museum Professionals Group. The creation of hands-on, multi-sensory experiences is my current focus, sparking the development of our “Augmented Reality Sandbox” and explorations in the application of 3D printing for heritage learning.

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