In the Cloud? Connect to the Internet at the Cafe @ The Cavern

It's completely FREE to pick up your emails, share with friends, upload your images all from our purple WiFi hotspot. We want to make your visit as convenient as possible. We've installed WiFi access so you can catch up and share your location with your friends!

Free WiFi at the Cafe @ the Cavern

As well as the delicious cakes and coffee at the Cafe @ the Cavern, you can also enjoy our fast free WiFi service network.

Using Purple WiFi you can log onto our fast and efficient WiFi network simply by using your Facebook or Twitter account.

If you haven’t got one of those then don’t worry you can still log in and enjoy our free WiFi using a simple form.

To get on-line;

1. Search for the Purple WiFi signal
2. Open your web browser and navigate to any website
3. Select social network or the form based log in and log in.