Reviewing Buxton sites including approach roads and specific areas for upgrade

Residents and visitors journeying to and from Buxton should enjoy well maintained green spaces, buildings in good repair, clear and up to date signposting, progressive redevelopment where buildings are changing and improving.

Brighten up Buxton

The approach road views in to Buxton are spectacular.

We are dedicated to listening to residents views and adding them to our mission to tackle every element that local people and visitors to the town find in need or repair or upgrade.

If you would like to know more or get involved, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Many of our local places and spaces are identified as areas of outstanding beauty. We know where we need to improve.

  • Overhanging trees along footpaths
  • Loose coping stones on walls adjacent to footpaths
  • Buildings in development that are slow to progress and appear dilapidated
  • Fenced off area’s awaiting evaluation by HPBC for repair
  • Litter along green spaces and footpaths
  • Old shopping trolleys, discarded rubbish in streams

Evolving with every generation

Approach Road

War Memorial Upgrade

Traffic Issues at Five Ways Junction

Fences due for repair