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Owing to the current conditions in the car park and the forecast for more snow and ice later this afternoon and evening, we have decided to postpone the members talk with Peter Webb this evening.

We will be re-arranging the talk for later in the year and will post details on here when we have them.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Update on Activities in Grin Woods

Felling and Removal of diseased Elm Tree in Grin Woods

If you have been up to Grin Woods today you will have noticed that one of the Elm trees close to the edge of the Woods has been felled.

The tree was diseased and was considered to be in a dangerous condition and given its location it was felt that it posed a risk to visitors to the Country Park.

The decision to fell the tree was approved by the Derbyshire County Council Tree Officer as the tree was subject to a Tree Preservation Order.

The work was undertaken by Able Tree Services.

Public Meetings with Ruth George MP to discuss Brexit

Ruth George MP is holding two public meetings this week. For Details see below;

Message from Ruth George MP

"Ahead of the final stages of the EU Withdrawal Bill in mid January, I’m holding meetings in Buxton and Glossop to hear your views, after nine months of negotiations and lots more information on what we can and cannot hope to achieve from Brexit. Do join me on either:

Friday 12 January, 7.30pm to 9pm at, Buxton Methodist Church, Chapel Street, Buxton, SK17 6HX.

Saturday 13 January, 7.30pm to 9pm at, Glossop Methodist Church, Chapel Street, Glossop, SK13 8AT.

Both meetings are open to all. Brexit has sparked much debate locally, nationally and is one of the hottest topics in my postbag – I look forward to hearing your views."

Buxton Crescent Heritage Trust and Crescent Restoration Update Event

The Pump Room
Wednesday January 17th
6pm - 7pm

This is a free 1 hour event which will provide an overview of the Trust's plans and aims, details about events in the Pump Room in 2018 and an update on the Crescent's restoration and ways you can get involved with the project and Trust. To book a place please

For other events please see the link below.

Support the Serpentine Community Farm

Sign the petition below to show your support for the Serpentine Community Farm

Message from Serpentine Community Farm

Dear friends,

Our petition "Save Serpentine Community Farm, High Peak" has now been launched with 38Degrees - a non-profit organisation that promises never to sell on personal details, so you may sign safely.

This campaign means a lot to us. The more support we can get behind it, the better chance we have of succeeding. You can read more and sign the petition below.

Ruth George, our local MP, plans to collect signatures of constituency residents for a paper-based petition to take to Parliament on our behalf. It's fine for local residents to sign both petitions. We hope all our local, Derbyshire-wide, national and international friends and supporter will sign the 38 degrees petition.

Thank you

Serpentine Community Farm

Soul Food Night at the Cafe at the Cavern

24th November 7 for 7.30 pm Booking Essential

On Friday 24th November The Café Team are holding another fine dining experience. This time you can feed your soul with authentic and indulgent dishes from the Southern United States on Friday 24th November! Sit back, eat and relax at this one night only event with live music, atmospheric surroundings and great service. A PDF with the details is attached. You will need to book for this event so, please call 01298 26978 and ask for a member of the café team. Details are also on our website and Facebook page.

Click on the link below for more details

Details for the Soul Food Night


Alyson Phillips interviews Councillor Tony Kemp on the Octagon Refurbisment

The Octagon during refurbishment

The Grade II Victorian Concert Hall had to be closed last October for safety reasons, with repairs starting in March this year. It’s expected to re-open to visitors in late March/early April 2018.

Nasty Shocks Under the Floor and in the Roof

The Octagon was built directly on earth with brick sleeper walls supporting the floor. Significant deterioration had occurred and in nearly 50 places brickwork had been simply knocked through for services to be added. Recalling his shock when he saw photos, Councillor Kemp said, “Classic cars were exhibited on this floor worth as much as two and three hundred thousand pounds and who would have picked up the bill if one had fallen through that floor?”

Major work had been undertaken in 1951 when skilled labour and suitable materials were scarce but the priority was getting ‘things back to normal’. Visitors wanted a family day out in ’The Gardens’, despite rationing, to put the war years behind them. It was also a nasty surprise when remote cameras were sent into roof spaces and ‘…found things you wish it hadn’t!’

Building Remains under HPBC Ownership

Cllr Kemp assures us the buildings will remain in the ownership of High Peak Borough Council as does the Opera House, though it’s possible a Trust could be established in the future to enable access to more grants.

Commercial Interest Being Welcomed

Commercial confidentiality precluded detailed discussion but he said there have been several “expressions of interest” and HPBC expects to receive serious bids. He feels this is a much different prospect to a few years ago. In 2008/9 there was no commercial interest shown in The Gardens but the programme of refurbishment and repair since then has changed things.
Any company chosen to provide catering and/or retail services will not be able to do as they please with the building. Responsibility for maintenance of the building will remain with HPBC, but opening up opportunities should safeguard jobs and boost the local economy.

Councillor Kemp Welcomes Comment

The Council will welcome constructive comment from the public as it did ten years ago when the cafeteria was removed and replaced by Tourist Information and the art exhibition. This has proved a great success, though Cllr Kemp recalls a few complaints at the time about the loss of what most saw as a sort of “wartime cafeteria” with water leaking through the roof!

Spending on The Gardens, despite these successes, have been seen by some as a waste of council tax because it requires a subsidy due to the nature of the buildings. Cllr Kemp points out that even if the building was boarded up many costs would not go away because it would still need heating and maintenance to prevent deterioration. Our responsibility to Historic England mean HPBC has to keep the buildings in reasonable order… and although HE have been extremely helpful with planning heritage work they don’t provide cash!

New / Old Vintage Colour Scheme

All the old photographs are of course in black and white, and in living memory the paintwork has been just that. However, the Council commissioned historical research and analysis of paint chippings revealed a very different external colour scheme, which will be re-instated and gradually implemented for the rest of the buildings. Inside, inspection of untouched hidden areas showed a vibrant design which will also be brought back. “There will definitely be a reaction and all publicity is welcome!”